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Peer Support

A Peer Supporter has lived experience with a mental health concern or illness and/or addiction, and is professionally trained to support others on their recovery journey navigating a similar experience. 

Peer Supporters provide emotional and social support, and follow key concepts from the Recovery Model; this model emphasizes and supports a person's personal journey, potential for recovery and focuses on building healthy relationships, developing hope, identity, connection and a sense of belonging.
Reflect, share and heal with a trained Peer Supporter. Available via email, telephone or over Zoom by appointment, Monday thru Friday between 9am-4pm MST. Language supports are available in Arabic, Bengali, English, French, Hindi, and Urdu.
*Please note we are not trained physicians, doctors or psychologists. If you are in crisis or seeking diagnosis, or referral, please call health link at 8-1-1 or the Distress Centre at (403) 266-1601.

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