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Mental Health Literacy for Ethno-Cultural Communities

Canada welcomes Immigrants each day from around the world, who represent a variety of ethnicities and races. Settling in a new country can be a life-altering event due to limited connection with the community and stigma surrounding mental health.  These factors can make it difficult for newcomers to take care of their wellbeing. This series of workshops are designed for newcomers or those who wants to learn about mental health, dismantle stigma, and find the appropriate healing tools for recovery.

Decolonizing Wellness

Decolonizing wellness is about reclaiming wellness practices that have been stolen, commodified and appropriated, and instead restoring what’s been lost. During this workshop, participants learn about the lasting impacts of colonization on the mental health care system, as well as tools to decolonize one's personal practice. Topics include; how to use culturally inclusive language, types of leadership models, community care, the meaning of Appropriation versus Appreciation, anti-racism and what is holistic health. 

Cultural Humility

To practice cultural humility is to understand that culture is first and foremost an expression of self and the process of learning about each individual's culture is a life-long endeavor. During this two-hour workshop, participants will learn about aspects of cultural awareness for better understanding and communication across cultures. Topics covered include micro-aggressions, intent vs impact, how to hold space for others and lean into discomfort.

Culturally Aware Healing Circle

“There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single issue lives”- Audre Lorde. In this healing circle, we'll come together in community for a time of reflection, conversation and to hold space for anything that came up recently. Using a recovery-oriented and trauma informed approach, our aim and objectives are for participants to feel seen, heard, validated and valued. Individually we have struggled, but together we can heal!

Culturally Aware Healing Tools

From drumming circles, burning ceremonies and sacred Teachings of the Medicine Wheel, to guided meditations and Community Care Sharing Circles, we offer a wide range of intermodal expressive art therapy that incorporates education with grounding exercises, all to build individual and community resiliency and align with your community’s healing needs. 

Nurture Your Narrative: A Mental Health Storytelling Workshop

“There is no greater agony than to bear an untold story inside you” - Dr. Maya Angelou. This workshop guides participants through a self-discovery journey where we unearth our individual stories and reclaim the narrative of our lives. Topics include overcoming fear, how storytelling can be a powerful healing tool and participants come away with a written, video, audio or drawn project of their own.

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